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i'll be better

when i'm older

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(no subject)
Okay, WTF is with LJ's homepage thing. It's atrociously messy - I usually use my old bookmarks to navigate around LJ so this is the first I've seen of it (yes I'm just that slow). It's impossibly commercialised and not at all interesting for me. I mean, I know a lot of Singaporeans use it for crappy blogshop things, but I use LJ for fun fan stuff and nothing I see interests me.


Also, I'm spending CNY eve hiding in my room until I get too hungry. So I can hide from my mom for longer. I bet she's gonna freak out and yell and make me start cleaning soon!

You changed your lj username? Whoa or maybe I forgot! Anyway, havent seen your posts in looong time, welcome back to LJ!

Happy CNY to you!

LOL, changed it a LONG time ago!! :D

I'm so bad at LJ... still!

Hope your CNY Was great!

Ugh I know. The homepage looks terrible. I don't use it anymore. I go straight to my LJ inbox now.

*LOL* Are you still safe from her?